Tuesday, December 8, 2009

re: Tumblr

I'm trying out Tumblr for my posting addiction.

Maybe I'll stay here for long form stuff, or post my angst or something.

Anyway, it's just to prove iknowaboutstuff.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

re: that there new Twilight movie the kids are talking about

Apparently it’s a big thing. So, in the most inexplicably far fetched idea for entertainment ever, a friend shows up with a copy, some for-adults-only snacks and we let the journey begin.

I’m not going into the movie because I don’t want to offend the INTERNET with how I felt. Let’s just say, before it was conceptual and now it’s real – sad face.

Anyway, that’s not the point – the point is Radiohead. The video montage that ends the movie (the best part of the movie – yes, the end, but also the montage) uses Radiohead’s 15 Step. It’s a fantastic song and, quality of the move aside, does not belong in what is ostensibly a teenybopper tease.

So now I’m confused, a little hurt and a little amazed/respectful at how big Thom Yorke’s sell out balls are. [read more about it]

Note: I limit my snark for this site because technically we're supposed to be promoting things.
But for you I say: the concept of Twilight is apalling, the execution ham fisted, and the acting terrible. It's not just contemptible, it's insulting. Not just as an idea, as an "art" object in itself. Boo.

Friday, November 20, 2009

re: Texas bans straight marriage?

“SOME Texans are worried that a constitutional amendment against gay marriage they passed in 2005 appears to ban heterosexual marriage as well.”

This popped up on my friendly neighbourhood social networking sight and I just had to share: a brief note from the Economist’ s “columnist on American politics” Lexington in “Lexington’s notebook“.

The blog post is brief but powerful, hilarious and completely on point [read the hilarity at MagMe]

Monday, November 16, 2009

re: boing boing story entry

(it's not 100 words but the pun is worth it)

Found in space (a story in artifacts):

1 - bouquet daisies
3 - unsent postcards
5 - pebbles from that one beach
2 - tickets
3 - keys on a silver panda chain
15 - unread magazines tied with string
1 - returned undeliverable notice
6 - birthday cards
7 - cookies left in the pack
1 - purple sneaker
whole bunch - ashes

re: functional eye candy and a cute song

Man, this is a pretty awesome, weird, maybe homophobic but I don't think so, music video that features a cute song and some cuter butts.

Weird but satisfying.