Friday, June 26, 2009

re: bad taste coincidence or re: too soon?

Farah, Michael, Ed.


re: cat power

"You Are Free" remains the best one. Maybe because it sounds different and honest?
Also, it's just objectively better. I am the arbiter of objective btw.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

re: Michael Jackson

I am not sad (nor happy) that Michael Jackson is dead.
And while he was quite the character and deserved respect, not really taking a moment for Mr. McMahon.
OK, I took (a little) pause at the news of David Carradine, but let's be honest, that's because of my personal interest in him making more movies for me to watch.

It's not that it's not sad at's just that I am not feeling any actual sadness.


Okay, so anyone dying is sad and blah blah but we don't care about people dying anywhere else in the world (not enough here even) so why do people care about these guys enough to statweet about them?

Also, I am fully aware of my hypocrisy - I am commenting on it right now and I don't sponsor any African children and I don't give out soup so yes, I'm a jerk.

But can we just get a handle on ourselves please?

I don't call myself a blogger so I don't have to comment to keep up with my peers, but the Internet, man - gotta keep up with the webJoneses.

re: if ya don't know

well, now, in fact, you, ummm, do...know it. Is what I'm sayin'.

Watch this.