Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

re: oh, shit it looks like 6 years :(

looks like I, like internet It-girl Molly Macaleer, cannot count:

By the time I actually graduate it will be SIX (6) YEARS!


re: discriminating against white males or don't think we are so different

This is frustrating, but I'm not going to indulge in the "American's are so racist and teribbler-er than us (Canada)" because we have our own deep-seated, perhaps more passive nowadays but no less historically blood soaked, intolerances. Watch this and cringe and yet, hope:

I think it's silly to use the fact that Sotomayor called herself an "affirmative action baby" - she's saying that to show the good of affirmative action, not apologizing for herself.

This is like saying it's discriminating to have a First Nations, African, Women's Centre or LGBT Centre (like we have at my University) but not a Men's Centre. Until the freaking globe isn't a Men's Centre, they are creating a safe and empowered place for groups who have traditionally been given neither safety nor power.

And "evil affirmative action" is the most ridiculous phrase I've ever heard. I don't even think Pat Buchanan is evil. Don't be throwing that word around so much, people.

Kudos to Maddow for giving him his say and then straight up saying he's "wrong," "dated" and "privileging race" i.e. is being racist. Shutting down opinons is not the way, but rather responding to them intelligently, calmly and with BALLS (ok, so technically she has none but you get my drift).

I've had it with Conservative Republican loudmouths - let's get intelligent debate going on here (on both sides of the border). They don't know how their own system works (see Glen Beck), cannot maintain a rational,cohesive argument (see Bill O'Reilly), are outright terrible people (see Ann Coulter, who even makes Bill O. look reasonable and may be closer to the E word than I've ever encountered) or all of the above (see all of the above).

UPDATE: Dr. Stephen T. Colbert discusses "reverse racism" and "reverse civil rights leader Pat Buchanan." LOLWHIMPER.

To counter the utter terror and frustration that is fighting to dominate my opinon of North American politics, here is the cutest thing ever:

I'm not tickilish but I understand how this would rock.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

re: don't go to Michael Bay movies or why there is no such thing as an "ironic dollar"

If you feel the need laugh and then cry and then curl into a ball of fear and loathing, read the Storyboards from Michael Bay's The Great Gatsby.

Ok, breathe, it's a joke.

But this is why I won't see Transformers 2. (And why I need to take a firmer stance on what movies I'll pay to see or even see with someone else's dollar.) Because this boat (the boat in this instance being Michael Bay's creative process) is probably real. And there is too much crap and not enough good in popular film, or popular anything, to let this
stuff slide.

Let's be clear: no matter how many times you say you like something ironically or "because it's bad", your money is not
an ironic colour of green. Nobody deposits your intentions.

Your money simply says "this is an acceptable way to approach 'art' and we can continue to do so and profit." (You can expand that to any area of commerce really, but I don't want to get too too pedantic.)

So if you want to go to a movie because you will be entertained, fine and good. But don't qualify it - you are paying for a good and consuming it, end of story. As long as people consume a good it will most likely continue to be produced. THAT'S MONEY SCIENCE.

So, in conclusion,