Friday, February 27, 2009

re: no babies OR how much of a revolution is the Pill really?

So this is a little bit fantastic.

And the point about "haven't yet figured out how to safely and easily kill sperm" is moot because the resources haven't been put into finding one. Same for a lot of things that rich white men aren't really invested in. (ouch)

Why Is There No Sperm-Killing Birth Control Pill?
[from Scienceblog via]

Greg Laden at Science Blogs tests the theory that men only want to spread their seed, and questions why it is that there's no male birth control pill.

I mean, other than the potentially obvious reason that scientists haven't yet figured out how to safely and easily kill sperm while maintaining a man's potential to continue creating it. Laden says it's about control.

Read the rest of the commentary.

Read the original (always read the original guys).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

re: actual first paid web writing on the web

I can't believe! Of course I've been paid to write before! It wasn't a major corporation but a small one, a not for profit BIA from which I learned a lot.

These profiles, Burnaby Dental, On the Rocks Curling, DeliJohn Market, Urban Seafood, Custodio Photography, Making Memories with Scrapbooking are by yours truly.
They aren't permanent pages so I'll have to get a new strategy for this post soon, were finished ages ago and were posted slightly less ages ago as my pictures had to be re-taken.

Read them, it won't be boring (it probably will be though).

Also, I finished a lot of content for their project pages, and I helped develop that nifty catch phrase/brand "Life as it should be." What I'm saying is, I'm a freaking marketing dynamo.

Anywhere, I learned all about the golden corporate voice writing for this website.

re: Web writing on the web - the man pays really well guys

So I'm tempting the corporate gods by posting this but I'm so damn proud of myself.

I don't care that it's not high faluting, and I don't care that it's corporate, and I really don't care if writing for a utility is not your idea of creativity. It takes another type of creativity to do this, think about it like problem solving.

But I wrote something and a major corporation allowed themselves to be associated with it in public. So, pride.

Now I've done a lot for the internal site which is too cool for you guys to see.
But I can show you these sections that I researched and developed and was the main writer for
Careers Main Page
Field Ops, Engineering, Marketing and Relief descriptions
Living in BC

Of course, there was a process that cleans out much of my voice.
That's the corporate voice - master that and you're golden for hire.

And of course, I didn't choose that picture.


re: Rollercoasters OR the larger than life is life

Here is another Peak gem, this one about a cool lady, Alison Norlen, and her exhibition at the SFU Gallery.

Alison Norlen takes us to sensational places

By Maegan Thomas, Associate Staff Contributor

“Roller Coaster — it’s a great symbol for this exhibition. A roller coaster is not just a physical journey, it’s a psychological journey. Roller coasters can be exciting, fun, but also scary and a little dangerous.”

Alison Norlen presents a sampling of her work at the SFU Gallery, highlighting her ongoing affair with fantastic landscapes and her transition to the melancholy and monolithic. She spoke with me about her subjects and style.

Finish the article!
(I'll know if you don't)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

re: Idling, all the cool kids are doing it

Here is a review I wrote for The Peak (SFU's Student Newspaper). I originally had a lot of block quotes but you guys just need to read it. You guys. Read it.

Sit back and kick up
By Maegan Thomas

The Idler's Glossary by Joshua Glenn and Mark Kingwell, Illustrated by Seth

“Let us agree that life can be boring.” Yes, indeed let us. I’m now in the illustrious and much coveted 5th year of my degree and I also work a corporate job. I am busy, busy, busy and bored. Because of this boredom, I procrastinate, I slack off, I shirk. I am often lazy. But according to The Idler’s Glossary by Joshua Glenn and Mark Kingwell, I am not idle. And I should be.

The OED definition of “Idle” includes “actions, feelings, thoughts, words void of any real worth, usefulness, or significance.” The Idler’s Glossary is a pocket-sized glimpse into how the OED, and probably you, have it all wrong.

Read the rest...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

re: a new year (or close enough)

Hello again to all my friends,
I'm glad you came to play.

I'm back.
My goal is to do one a week min, guys.

You know what would be awesome? Well, I'll tell you then.

Send me a reccomendation for a book, album, movie to review.
Old, new, terrible, amazing, send me a reccomendation (better yet the objet d'art itself) and I'll review it (honestly and without bias). It'll be fun, I'll build some content and you can feel rest assured that you are not the only one appreciating, hating or apprecihating (TM.) le objet.

Also, to be started soon - irrelevant reviews. Reviews of the old (new is overrated you guys). I have a whole book and cd library of stuff I bought years ago but haven't perused in a while or at all.

So I'll be pulling out old faves and never haves and will add their importance to the blogosphere.

Are you excited? Well, you should be.