Saturday, October 31, 2009

re: Coincidence? on TV

I watch quite a bit of TV. Good and bad, male and female oriented, above and below my intelligence level; I could say that you can't comment on pop culture without experiencing it but that would be only half true.

So I have a couple of questions for TV but go easy on me because I'm exposing my bad habits here. Here's the first edition:

Why can I always call who is going to sleep with whom based almost solely on race? A black woman makes a cameo on a connected show with only one black male = SEXUAL TENSION.

And why do women who are pains in the ass need to be brought down to earth by sex and can only be good at their jobs or relationships and not both? I actually think this is often true, but of both sexes.

Fuck You Private Practice.

Do you have questions for TV? Send them to me c/o TV and I'll make sure it gets them.

UPDATE: here is another question: Why was Tracie Thom on PP? BITCH WAS IN RENT.

re: Nggrfg

I'm not being polite: that is the actual title, and yes, you are supposed to fill in the vowels when you say it.

This one man show played at the Vancouver Fringe Festival but I saw it on its second last night at the Firehall Arts Centre in East Vancouver. It's a cute but sparse theatre that lets you take your liquor from the in-house bar to your seat. Fittingly enough, the performance was cute, sparse and intoxicating.

Yes, that's right: a show called NggrFg was cute. The performer was a sculpted black gay man but he embodied every character from middle class white father (and mother) to his own 7year old self to his ignorant bully with near pitch and posture perfection.

With such a specific life experience - "nigger...fag" - to tell, I was actually three time distanced as a white, heterosexual woman. But the poignancy broke through that wall.

There was a little preaching at the end (I would have preferred to let the experiences stand for themselves) but it was an amazing performance and I was gripped. My viewing partner said, with brutal honesty, "I was expecting to be bored and I couldn't think one man could keep me interested, but it was really great."

So if you get a chance to see this nggrfg aka Berend McKenzie (though his play tells us it should be the other way around, or, of course, there should be no aka at all) in this performance or any other I highly recommend doing so.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

re: no girls on the internet and the Georgetown PA

Here's a couple of posts: the sexism of the internet and on that Georgetown kid who hired a personal assistant.

No girls allowed?

Jerk or Genius: student hires PA.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

re: viral videos, the brain and more Olympics

Hey you guys:

read all this and then read it again so I get PAID.

In with the old...combine with the new (some fun viral videos utilizing old techniques I've found).

Reverse Engineering the Brain
(neural nets!).

While you're under my roof...(Olympic housing!)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

re: Lady Gaga is the worst

Update to my opinion on how useless Lady Gaga is (except at making people talk about Lady Gaga):"

Lady Gaga speaks like an "intelligent" "person" - which makes everything she says more terrible. She is going to take opera mainstream! The Monster's Ball! Wow! NO. It will be terrible.

Let's just say that in the world of making esoteric or overshadowed arts popular, she is not So You Think You Can Dance, she is Dancing with the Stars.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

re: Castle

OK, first of all, how did anything Whedonesque get by me without knowing about it?!?

Second of all, I don't care the potential criticisms (and there are many, and they are obvious, which means they probably know and don't care), Nathan Fillion sells it - he is cheeky and self-aware.

And I'm a knower of the "savants": House, The Mentalist, Lie to Me are all on my watched list (though not all are as guiltless as others).

The difference is a) it's funny! and b) the relationship between the "odd couple" is not a forced binary that is drawn out but more natural and pushes the "will they won't they" to the brink in a hilarious way.

"In your dreams."
"No, in my dreams you're never jealous, you just join in."

Cheesy! Love it!

Yeah, it's a personality driven thing and if you like the actor/character you'll like this.

However, I do like that it isn't a preternatural talent like the others, but that he is just good at knowing what would make the "best story". (It's kinda of meta if you wanted to give it that kinda of credit.) It's his talent, and a good one, but it is a logical process. He does have the "House moment" of sudden inspiration (which always pushes the case forward doesn't miraculously solve it) but he also works with the cops to hash things out, thus respecting their ability not trumping it.

"We really going to listen to Nancy Drew here?"
"Is that an insult, because as I recall, Nancy Drew solved every case."

Plus he's a good dad, awwwwwwwwww. Though it's easier when you're rich and your daughter is creepily responsible and adult-like. This is explained though, with a "flightiest mom ever" cameo that makes it a whole thing.

Oh yeah, he's on my list.

Friday, October 16, 2009

re: where the wild things are (i.e. in my heart).

Dear Spike Jonze,

Thank you.

Sincerely, Maegan

Oh, you wanted more? You wanted me to go on about the CG (it was mostly puppetry!), the soundtrack (it was subtle! Karen O!), poignant (tears welled!) and totally appropriate for kids but made for adults (!)? Well I won't!

What I will do is repeat is my response to the criticism my fave blogger Molls (pre-having seen the movie) which is stated around 2:50 in her Olde Thyme Radio Hour.

"Love everything that is molls but your opinion on WTWTA...and I even get your apprehensions...

but the whole time I had a smile on my face, and at the end of a few tears, and it was just...lovely. Lovely is the word. It had the childlike logic and aesthetic the book has with a lot of depth added (it WAS only 10 sentences or some bitch.) Kids are really observant, irreverent, odd, and dark - and they see even if they don't understand. This is for the kid in all of us because it isn't for kids, but it is as seen by a child."

I saw this movie at a one screen theatre filled (in the aisles! probably a fire hazard!) with fans in costume who cried and howled and laughed together. Even if you are not so lucky, see this movie. No matter how much you think it is going to be too precious or that there isn't enough in the book to make a movie, I think you'll really enjoy yourself. I was in no way disappointed.

I felt like this:

PS. Along with the book and my King Max t-shirt (bought WAY pre-movie), I will soon own this soundtrack. Very on point.

PPS. A succinct sum up of what could have gone wrong...and didn't!

re: What a fine Shindig!

Here's my review of Night Five of SHiNDiG, CiTR's battle of the bands.

There are some typos I have to fix, but there it is.

Also, I'll be doing another review for Discorder next week, and will be running their Twitter as of soon! YEAH!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

re: devastating news plus a new post!

I just finished emailing in a statement about the death I witnessed yesterday.

Oh, and some new posts are up at MagMe.

Are passwords soooo over?

Things I Want.

(All kidding aside, it was pretty shattering. I didn't phone everyone I have ever known because that is so morbid and how do you even start that conversation?)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

re: "web logging" for magme


I will now be blogging for MagMe. Basically, it's a blog to support their upcoming venture that will let people read magazines online fo' freesies.

I'll be linking from here and from twitter, but it will probably take over whatever time I put into posting here. That being said, it's similar subject matter so my opinions will live on.

I'll be looking at music and technology but lots of people blog for them on all sorts of topics.



An introduction to technology...through comics.