Thursday, May 21, 2009

re: self awareness test or why do you watch the UFC?

If you speak to me irl (that's in real life for people who speak properly), you know that I have certain...feelings...dismissive ones...vaguely disgusted ones...about the UFC. Don't get me wrong, these are athletic, tough, determined fighters who have trained and fought their way to success in their field. But blood sports are just not my thing and I don't get them - cannot our gladitorial instinct be purged with just normal sports? (If not there is no reason for those either really.)

But besides not being a sports girl in general, and besides not being a blood sports girl especially, I don't watch the UFC because it makes me feel all tingly in a way I don't understand. Haha, just kidding that's the only reason TO watch it. And that is the self awareness test, cuz if you don't at least get the irony of this sport then...well I don't know. The majority (not all but most) of those who watch this sport are some of the most heteronormative (at least) and homophobic (at medium) people who you'll observe*: Coincidence?

* I'd say meet but I'll admit that I'm rarely if never inclined to talk to these sorts and so my research is mostly watching them be total assholes.

But to lighten things up a bit:

If you have any more thoughts or comic gems in regards to this feel free to let us all know in the comments.

Monday, May 18, 2009

re: some poems I wrote

A very long time ago (i.e. several weeks) I wrote these poems and they were put in a journal and I read them and they are ok I guess.

Here are two, and I hope to combine them with some other stanzas into something longer but also I just might talk about doing it.


did you see how fast he ran?

how hard she's standing still?

can you hear them quietly screaming?

bleeding all over their invisible blankets?

oh they carry them always.

don't forget, forget.

everyone's falling at that corner

it's what keeps the rent down


the cobblestones are a goldmine

tobacco field

respite from glistening others

and from hands reaching

the cobblestones are wet with winter

they are dry and brittle beneath

they aren't being tended

they are breaking slowly