Tuesday, November 24, 2009

re: that there new Twilight movie the kids are talking about

Apparently it’s a big thing. So, in the most inexplicably far fetched idea for entertainment ever, a friend shows up with a copy, some for-adults-only snacks and we let the journey begin.

I’m not going into the movie because I don’t want to offend the INTERNET with how I felt. Let’s just say, before it was conceptual and now it’s real – sad face.

Anyway, that’s not the point – the point is Radiohead. The video montage that ends the movie (the best part of the movie – yes, the end, but also the montage) uses Radiohead’s 15 Step. It’s a fantastic song and, quality of the move aside, does not belong in what is ostensibly a teenybopper tease.

So now I’m confused, a little hurt and a little amazed/respectful at how big Thom Yorke’s sell out balls are. [read more about it]

Note: I limit my snark for this site because technically we're supposed to be promoting things.
But for you I say: the concept of Twilight is apalling, the execution ham fisted, and the acting terrible. It's not just contemptible, it's insulting. Not just as an idea, as an "art" object in itself. Boo.

Friday, November 20, 2009

re: Texas bans straight marriage?

“SOME Texans are worried that a constitutional amendment against gay marriage they passed in 2005 appears to ban heterosexual marriage as well.”

This popped up on my friendly neighbourhood social networking sight and I just had to share: a brief note from the Economist’ s “columnist on American politics” Lexington in “Lexington’s notebook“.

The blog post is brief but powerful, hilarious and completely on point [read the hilarity at MagMe]

Monday, November 16, 2009

re: boing boing story entry

(it's not 100 words but the pun is worth it)

Found in space (a story in artifacts):

1 - bouquet daisies
3 - unsent postcards
5 - pebbles from that one beach
2 - tickets
3 - keys on a silver panda chain
15 - unread magazines tied with string
1 - returned undeliverable notice
6 - birthday cards
7 - cookies left in the pack
1 - purple sneaker
whole bunch - ashes

re: functional eye candy and a cute song

Man, this is a pretty awesome, weird, maybe homophobic but I don't think so, music video that features a cute song and some cuter butts.

Weird but satisfying.

re: Vogue being all Voguey to Hillary Clinton

This is another of my attempts at a recurring theme. This time it’s an interview with Hilary Clinton, photographed by my favourite over-rated (i.e. I like her but come on) photographer, Leibovitz. Again Vogue, has placed the fashion of a woman – and her looks – in highest priority over her accomplishments. Not so bad really, if it was an auto-mag, the focus would be on her cars. This is what keeps bringing me back to Vogue! I’ll explain after the jump. [get explained!]

re: teachers selling lesson plans online ethical?

The New York Times recently looked into a growing trend of teachers selling their lesson plans online. Some use the proceeds for supplement their classrooms, some for their own lifestyle.

Corporate copyright issues are not brought up in the article, though I’m sure someone will try to apply them eventually. But even more disturbing is the lack of questioning of WHY would people sell their lesson plans? While the article is more or less “neutral,” I think that they only pay lip service to the crappy salaries teachers live on. [keep reading! do it!]

Sunday, November 15, 2009

re: Colbert, Mayo, Speed Skating = best article

Totally Dope! We will not tone it down!

The Stephen Colbert “feud” with Miracle Whip got actual news coverage by the Chicago Tribune. The only thing they really added was that Kraft, who produces Miracle Whip and supported this advertising detour (of GENIUS) also owns competing mayonnaise brands. Also WOW THIS IS BORING. But, it’s gets better (promise). Because it’s always better with Colbert. [Read More.]

re: a terrible Obama videogame

A new strategy game, which you can play (but please don’t) at The United States of Earth (founded by Ron Paul supporters), shows the downfall of Obama’s “regime.” The scenario is like something out of the James Bond – or any number of 1990s American - movies with the evil communists and freedom-fighting Americans. So pretty much what you’d expect out of my first sentence.

The description of the game, which I found in Wired, also includes some responses to the obvious call to partisanship and outright racism: that response is “The Bush scenario comes out next.” Ron Paul is not a Republican, but rather a Libertarian, so this statement is not so laughable: they are apt to be as critical of one side as the other.... [Read More.]

re: GQ, Vogue, Dane Cook oh my!

Some question for all the ladies (and men who like that sort of thing) (SEXISM!):

Is GQ the perfect women's magazine?

Is Annie Leibovitz's new spread "good"?

Is Dane Cook a Jerk or a Genius?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

re: Something very important about Law & Order: SVU

If there is no other reason to watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (and I could argue either way) it is for the guest stars. Yougot yer Rainn Wilson, you got yer Hilary Duff, you got yer that guy who was the anti-mutant leader who was turned into a mutant in that second X-Men movie.
Carol Burnett has a semi incestuous relationship with Matthew Lilard guys. GUYS Big Boi. Two dudes from OZ, three if you included "Detective Stabler" aka Christopher Meloni. Others.

A lot were "before they were famous" but more often than not it's after so there seems to be no reason for these people to be on this show. Oh it's one of the highest rated shows on TV. But I mean acting wise.

No, no wait. This is the second reason for watching. First reason = Christopher Meloni's close ups.

Here's the image search with Safe Search OFF. Guy was on OZ so you're gunna see some male genitalia. Just sayin'.


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