Tuesday, December 8, 2009

re: Tumblr

I'm trying out Tumblr for my posting addiction.

Maybe I'll stay here for long form stuff, or post my angst or something.

Anyway, it's just to prove iknowaboutstuff.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

re: that there new Twilight movie the kids are talking about

Apparently it’s a big thing. So, in the most inexplicably far fetched idea for entertainment ever, a friend shows up with a copy, some for-adults-only snacks and we let the journey begin.

I’m not going into the movie because I don’t want to offend the INTERNET with how I felt. Let’s just say, before it was conceptual and now it’s real – sad face.

Anyway, that’s not the point – the point is Radiohead. The video montage that ends the movie (the best part of the movie – yes, the end, but also the montage) uses Radiohead’s 15 Step. It’s a fantastic song and, quality of the move aside, does not belong in what is ostensibly a teenybopper tease.

So now I’m confused, a little hurt and a little amazed/respectful at how big Thom Yorke’s sell out balls are. [read more about it]

Note: I limit my snark for this site because technically we're supposed to be promoting things.
But for you I say: the concept of Twilight is apalling, the execution ham fisted, and the acting terrible. It's not just contemptible, it's insulting. Not just as an idea, as an "art" object in itself. Boo.

Friday, November 20, 2009

re: Texas bans straight marriage?

“SOME Texans are worried that a constitutional amendment against gay marriage they passed in 2005 appears to ban heterosexual marriage as well.”

This popped up on my friendly neighbourhood social networking sight and I just had to share: a brief note from the Economist’ s “columnist on American politics” Lexington in “Lexington’s notebook“.

The blog post is brief but powerful, hilarious and completely on point [read the hilarity at MagMe]

Monday, November 16, 2009

re: boing boing story entry

(it's not 100 words but the pun is worth it)

Found in space (a story in artifacts):

1 - bouquet daisies
3 - unsent postcards
5 - pebbles from that one beach
2 - tickets
3 - keys on a silver panda chain
15 - unread magazines tied with string
1 - returned undeliverable notice
6 - birthday cards
7 - cookies left in the pack
1 - purple sneaker
whole bunch - ashes

re: functional eye candy and a cute song

Man, this is a pretty awesome, weird, maybe homophobic but I don't think so, music video that features a cute song and some cuter butts.

Weird but satisfying.

re: Vogue being all Voguey to Hillary Clinton

This is another of my attempts at a recurring theme. This time it’s an interview with Hilary Clinton, photographed by my favourite over-rated (i.e. I like her but come on) photographer, Leibovitz. Again Vogue, has placed the fashion of a woman – and her looks – in highest priority over her accomplishments. Not so bad really, if it was an auto-mag, the focus would be on her cars. This is what keeps bringing me back to Vogue! I’ll explain after the jump. [get explained!]

re: teachers selling lesson plans online ethical?

The New York Times recently looked into a growing trend of teachers selling their lesson plans online. Some use the proceeds for supplement their classrooms, some for their own lifestyle.

Corporate copyright issues are not brought up in the article, though I’m sure someone will try to apply them eventually. But even more disturbing is the lack of questioning of WHY would people sell their lesson plans? While the article is more or less “neutral,” I think that they only pay lip service to the crappy salaries teachers live on. [keep reading! do it!]

Sunday, November 15, 2009

re: Colbert, Mayo, Speed Skating = best article

Totally Dope! We will not tone it down!

The Stephen Colbert “feud” with Miracle Whip got actual news coverage by the Chicago Tribune. The only thing they really added was that Kraft, who produces Miracle Whip and supported this advertising detour (of GENIUS) also owns competing mayonnaise brands. Also WOW THIS IS BORING. But, it’s gets better (promise). Because it’s always better with Colbert. [Read More.]

re: a terrible Obama videogame

A new strategy game, which you can play (but please don’t) at The United States of Earth (founded by Ron Paul supporters), shows the downfall of Obama’s “regime.” The scenario is like something out of the James Bond – or any number of 1990s American - movies with the evil communists and freedom-fighting Americans. So pretty much what you’d expect out of my first sentence.

The description of the game, which I found in Wired, also includes some responses to the obvious call to partisanship and outright racism: that response is “The Bush scenario comes out next.” Ron Paul is not a Republican, but rather a Libertarian, so this statement is not so laughable: they are apt to be as critical of one side as the other.... [Read More.]

re: GQ, Vogue, Dane Cook oh my!

Some question for all the ladies (and men who like that sort of thing) (SEXISM!):

Is GQ the perfect women's magazine?

Is Annie Leibovitz's new spread "good"?

Is Dane Cook a Jerk or a Genius?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

re: Something very important about Law & Order: SVU

If there is no other reason to watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (and I could argue either way) it is for the guest stars. Yougot yer Rainn Wilson, you got yer Hilary Duff, you got yer that guy who was the anti-mutant leader who was turned into a mutant in that second X-Men movie.
Carol Burnett has a semi incestuous relationship with Matthew Lilard guys. GUYS Big Boi. Two dudes from OZ, three if you included "Detective Stabler" aka Christopher Meloni. Others.

A lot were "before they were famous" but more often than not it's after so there seems to be no reason for these people to be on this show. Oh it's one of the highest rated shows on TV. But I mean acting wise.

No, no wait. This is the second reason for watching. First reason = Christopher Meloni's close ups.

Here's the image search with Safe Search OFF. Guy was on OZ so you're gunna see some male genitalia. Just sayin'.


I think that is enougIT IS NEVER ENOUGH.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

re: Coincidence? on TV

I watch quite a bit of TV. Good and bad, male and female oriented, above and below my intelligence level; I could say that you can't comment on pop culture without experiencing it but that would be only half true.

So I have a couple of questions for TV but go easy on me because I'm exposing my bad habits here. Here's the first edition:

Why can I always call who is going to sleep with whom based almost solely on race? A black woman makes a cameo on a connected show with only one black male = SEXUAL TENSION.

And why do women who are pains in the ass need to be brought down to earth by sex and can only be good at their jobs or relationships and not both? I actually think this is often true, but of both sexes.

Fuck You Private Practice.

Do you have questions for TV? Send them to me c/o TV and I'll make sure it gets them.

UPDATE: here is another question: Why was Tracie Thom on PP? BITCH WAS IN RENT.

re: Nggrfg

I'm not being polite: that is the actual title, and yes, you are supposed to fill in the vowels when you say it.

This one man show played at the Vancouver Fringe Festival but I saw it on its second last night at the Firehall Arts Centre in East Vancouver. It's a cute but sparse theatre that lets you take your liquor from the in-house bar to your seat. Fittingly enough, the performance was cute, sparse and intoxicating.

Yes, that's right: a show called NggrFg was cute. The performer was a sculpted black gay man but he embodied every character from middle class white father (and mother) to his own 7year old self to his ignorant bully with near pitch and posture perfection.

With such a specific life experience - "nigger...fag" - to tell, I was actually three time distanced as a white, heterosexual woman. But the poignancy broke through that wall.

There was a little preaching at the end (I would have preferred to let the experiences stand for themselves) but it was an amazing performance and I was gripped. My viewing partner said, with brutal honesty, "I was expecting to be bored and I couldn't think one man could keep me interested, but it was really great."

So if you get a chance to see this nggrfg aka Berend McKenzie (though his play tells us it should be the other way around, or, of course, there should be no aka at all) in this performance or any other I highly recommend doing so.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

re: no girls on the internet and the Georgetown PA

Here's a couple of posts: the sexism of the internet and on that Georgetown kid who hired a personal assistant.

No girls allowed?

Jerk or Genius: student hires PA.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

re: viral videos, the brain and more Olympics

Hey you guys:

read all this and then read it again so I get PAID.

In with the old...combine with the new (some fun viral videos utilizing old techniques I've found).

Reverse Engineering the Brain
(neural nets!).

While you're under my roof...(Olympic housing!)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

re: Lady Gaga is the worst

Update to my opinion on how useless Lady Gaga is (except at making people talk about Lady Gaga):"

Lady Gaga speaks like an "intelligent" "person" - which makes everything she says more terrible. She is going to take opera mainstream! The Monster's Ball! Wow! NO. It will be terrible.

Let's just say that in the world of making esoteric or overshadowed arts popular, she is not So You Think You Can Dance, she is Dancing with the Stars.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

re: Castle

OK, first of all, how did anything Whedonesque get by me without knowing about it?!?

Second of all, I don't care the potential criticisms (and there are many, and they are obvious, which means they probably know and don't care), Nathan Fillion sells it - he is cheeky and self-aware.

And I'm a knower of the "savants": House, The Mentalist, Lie to Me are all on my watched list (though not all are as guiltless as others).

The difference is a) it's funny! and b) the relationship between the "odd couple" is not a forced binary that is drawn out but more natural and pushes the "will they won't they" to the brink in a hilarious way.

"In your dreams."
"No, in my dreams you're never jealous, you just join in."

Cheesy! Love it!

Yeah, it's a personality driven thing and if you like the actor/character you'll like this.

However, I do like that it isn't a preternatural talent like the others, but that he is just good at knowing what would make the "best story". (It's kinda of meta if you wanted to give it that kinda of credit.) It's his talent, and a good one, but it is a logical process. He does have the "House moment" of sudden inspiration (which always pushes the case forward doesn't miraculously solve it) but he also works with the cops to hash things out, thus respecting their ability not trumping it.

"We really going to listen to Nancy Drew here?"
"Is that an insult, because as I recall, Nancy Drew solved every case."

Plus he's a good dad, awwwwwwwwww. Though it's easier when you're rich and your daughter is creepily responsible and adult-like. This is explained though, with a "flightiest mom ever" cameo that makes it a whole thing.

Oh yeah, he's on my list.

Friday, October 16, 2009

re: where the wild things are (i.e. in my heart).

Dear Spike Jonze,

Thank you.

Sincerely, Maegan

Oh, you wanted more? You wanted me to go on about the CG (it was mostly puppetry!), the soundtrack (it was subtle! Karen O!), poignant (tears welled!) and totally appropriate for kids but made for adults (!)? Well I won't!

What I will do is repeat is my response to the criticism my fave blogger Molls (pre-having seen the movie) which is stated around 2:50 in her Olde Thyme Radio Hour.

"Love everything that is molls but your opinion on WTWTA...and I even get your apprehensions...

but the whole time I had a smile on my face, and at the end of a few tears, and it was just...lovely. Lovely is the word. It had the childlike logic and aesthetic the book has with a lot of depth added (it WAS only 10 sentences or some bitch.) Kids are really observant, irreverent, odd, and dark - and they see even if they don't understand. This is for the kid in all of us because it isn't for kids, but it is as seen by a child."

I saw this movie at a one screen theatre filled (in the aisles! probably a fire hazard!) with fans in costume who cried and howled and laughed together. Even if you are not so lucky, see this movie. No matter how much you think it is going to be too precious or that there isn't enough in the book to make a movie, I think you'll really enjoy yourself. I was in no way disappointed.

I felt like this:

PS. Along with the book and my King Max t-shirt (bought WAY pre-movie), I will soon own this soundtrack. Very on point.

PPS. A succinct sum up of what could have gone wrong...and didn't!

re: What a fine Shindig!

Here's my review of Night Five of SHiNDiG, CiTR's battle of the bands.

There are some typos I have to fix, but there it is.

Also, I'll be doing another review for Discorder next week, and will be running their Twitter as of soon! YEAH!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

re: devastating news plus a new post!

I just finished emailing in a statement about the death I witnessed yesterday.

Oh, and some new posts are up at MagMe.

Are passwords soooo over?

Things I Want.

(All kidding aside, it was pretty shattering. I didn't phone everyone I have ever known because that is so morbid and how do you even start that conversation?)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

re: "web logging" for magme


I will now be blogging for MagMe. Basically, it's a blog to support their upcoming venture that will let people read magazines online fo' freesies.

I'll be linking from here and from twitter, but it will probably take over whatever time I put into posting here. That being said, it's similar subject matter so my opinions will live on.

I'll be looking at music and technology but lots of people blog for them on all sorts of topics.


Robots that...love?

An introduction to technology...through comics.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

re: "Who Wants to Read a Crazy Person?"

New series I'm creating "Who Wants to Read a Crazy Person?"

This woman. Is. Dangerous.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

re: notes on some good movies I saw recently

District 9

A simply great example of sci fi, though dirtier and more in your face in look and feel than movie goers are probably used to. Sci fi readers probably were less shocked.

Sci fi gives us a glimpse of our present truth unimpeded by the vision blocking paradigm of "how things are now." The setting of Johannesburg is problematic - contextually and historically it is a relevant and pointed choice for a city for this story to take place. But these events have precedent in North America too. I have a sneaking suspicion that, though I wouldn't accuse the writer of this but rather those that said "Yes" to the movie, the setting serves to move these issues to the "other".

That being said, it was entertaining as shit. AS SHIT. I felt tugged and turned in that way that is exhausting but exciting and great and not superfluous and MichaelBay. The CG was obviously CG but not distracting. It had a lot of stuff to unpack which, to me, is entertaining. I'm glad I put the 10bucks into seeing it big and bawdy and saving the 6 bucks and seeing it small screen style.

Inglourious Basterds

If you already like QT than I would say to you that this is one of his best. Hells yes it is smug and (unintentionally? intentionally?) pastiche but they all are. Judge a director by how well he achieves his own style.

While QT always gets praise/guff/notice for his dialogue, this was bereft of the monologue that has made him famous/infamous. Which was great I think - they're entertaining but distracting. His cinematography was great in this - of the moment, of the setting. Not perfect but great.

And there are many interpretations of the morality of this tale. But as one commentator said, it acts as a moral tablet to inscribe yourself on. (well, I said it better.)

Is slaughtering those Nazis redemptive? vengeful? too close for comfort?
If we are enjoying the slaughter what does that make us?

Anyway, it was a damn fine movie. No Deathproof, but damn fine.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

re: the Klondike Man Cave or worst thing

This is the worst thing: the Klondike Man Cave.

WHAT YEAR IS THIS? Is it 1987? 1923?

Note to self: buy freaking SnagIt only to be able to easily post this:

More shots at Jezebel.com who turned me on (off) to this in the first place.

Another note: at the bottom of the screen there is this:

re: Chuck

I like everything by Chuck.

Like his History? I like it.

His Ideas? Like'em.

This Fucking Person? What's not to like?

And when he teams up with molls, that's just....well, that's pretty effing likable. (and offensive).

Look at this fucking person living in the United States.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

re: social media

I won't really understand this until I can afford a smart phone. We talk of the technological revolution, but the gap is still there for access, even spoiled brats like me.

Twitter is not really useful to anyone not connected as long as they are ...awake. And while I'm often on the INTERNET, I'm also at the movies, the park, the coffee shop etc. and my phone can barely text.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

re: do you use the "C-word"?

Do you use the "C-word"?

No. I say cunt.

As some have pointed out, "cunt" is a pretty common slang term for a guy in areas like Scotland and England - occupying an area somewhere between "dude" and "fuckface." But European ubiquity is not an excuse for use - there or here. Cunt it is still one of the last offensive words in North American culture. Or, rather, it's one of the last words that both men or women would say is offensive. Because women don't get to decide.

Now here is the tricky part so forgive me if this is vague; it sounds like I think these instances are the same. They are not. The reason it is okay to say "dick" and make "boys are smelly" Venn diagrams and not for women is that the structural and historical context is just not comparable - in almost any society.

And, technically, one could say it's equivalent to saying "dick". But, of course, it isn't. Is this because of the view of the female sex (organ)? It is more dirty and taboo? Maybe, but really I think it's because using "dick" as derogatory is allowed due to the historical relationship of women and power. Like, give them the "dick" thing and they'll shut up.

So, are these double standards empowering or just fighting prejudice with ignorance? I mean, stereotypes are going to be "solved" with more stereotypes. If this was about women, would it be okay?

I will never be one to call for a ban on words. I hate c--- or c*** etc. Words of any kind have their place - offensive or otherwise - in dialogue. To be afraid to even use the word to discuss it's use is damaging to open and effective dialogue.

At the end of the day, it's not about the word. The word has been infused with meaning, but it doesn't have negative connotations in and of itself. Men use "dick" as derogatory. So, maybe it's the idea of summing up a person as one piece of flesh. And that is hurtful no matter your sex/gender/self perception.

Let's gather our patience, our intelligence, our compassion and our courage and try to understand how to be sensitive and direct at the same time. Do not say C word. Use the word cunt. Write it out. A woman's sex is not dirty or sacred. But don't call a woman a cunt. Don't define her by her biology. And to evolve as people, let's apply all those things to how we treat all sexes/genders/self perceptions.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

re: the reading rainbow

Bad news everyone: Reading Rainbow is doneskies.

Enjoy these tributes. But you don't have to take my word for it! (drumriff for such a good joke!)

reblogged from Videogum.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

re: high noon at the town hall

UPDATE: There are things going on here too people (here is Vancouver, B.C). Health care guys! Woooo!

Love it. "End of death counseling" PEOPLE. PEOPLE DIE. IT HAPPENS.

Just watched a clip from Colbert Report his insurance program for the show has it included. Betcha most of the ppl who have insurance and are yelling "death panel" have it.

So these "death panels" are only killing grandma by ACTUALLY GIVING HER DECENT INSURANCE.

*pant pant*

Another tidbit:

I read that the percentage of those who agree with "Obama's" plan goes up almost 30% if they read a paragraph stating what is in the plan than if they go on what they "know" already.

I theorize that many people seen at these town hall meetings aren't (for the most part) ignorant and angry but are of an era where one was "safe" to "believe" their news. Not just information, ideas were what you could find at 6 o'clock and again at 9. Many anchors during the Cronkite era gave editorial views - well-researched, thoughtful and thought-provoking editorial views - that were worth believing. This was the intent of news journalism, or at least of the "personalities" like Cronkite: the evening anchor is the editor, the summation.

So transpose this mentality to the 24 hour news/infotainment/corporate news era (I won't pick on Fox News because MSNBC is just as biased). The assumption of credibility remains while the proof is flimsy. Inflammatory statements disguised as questions, pure opinion disguised as researched editorial, editorial disguised as reporting. I am not surprised people are scared.

While the Cronkite/anchor oriented era mindset had flaws, it was based on critical thinking and reporting; however, while this type of news can breed critical thinking, it can also create a trust trap which places the news anchor as having the final (or at least most important) word. If I trusted what Bill O' said like I trusted Cronkite, I'd be yelling at my senator too.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

re: oh, shit it looks like 6 years :(

looks like I, like internet It-girl Molly Macaleer, cannot count:

By the time I actually graduate it will be SIX (6) YEARS!


re: discriminating against white males or don't think we are so different

This is frustrating, but I'm not going to indulge in the "American's are so racist and teribbler-er than us (Canada)" because we have our own deep-seated, perhaps more passive nowadays but no less historically blood soaked, intolerances. Watch this and cringe and yet, hope:

I think it's silly to use the fact that Sotomayor called herself an "affirmative action baby" - she's saying that to show the good of affirmative action, not apologizing for herself.

This is like saying it's discriminating to have a First Nations, African, Women's Centre or LGBT Centre (like we have at my University) but not a Men's Centre. Until the freaking globe isn't a Men's Centre, they are creating a safe and empowered place for groups who have traditionally been given neither safety nor power.

And "evil affirmative action" is the most ridiculous phrase I've ever heard. I don't even think Pat Buchanan is evil. Don't be throwing that word around so much, people.

Kudos to Maddow for giving him his say and then straight up saying he's "wrong," "dated" and "privileging race" i.e. is being racist. Shutting down opinons is not the way, but rather responding to them intelligently, calmly and with BALLS (ok, so technically she has none but you get my drift).

I've had it with Conservative Republican loudmouths - let's get intelligent debate going on here (on both sides of the border). They don't know how their own system works (see Glen Beck), cannot maintain a rational,cohesive argument (see Bill O'Reilly), are outright terrible people (see Ann Coulter, who even makes Bill O. look reasonable and may be closer to the E word than I've ever encountered) or all of the above (see all of the above).

UPDATE: Dr. Stephen T. Colbert discusses "reverse racism" and "reverse civil rights leader Pat Buchanan." LOLWHIMPER.

To counter the utter terror and frustration that is fighting to dominate my opinon of North American politics, here is the cutest thing ever:

I'm not tickilish but I understand how this would rock.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

re: don't go to Michael Bay movies or why there is no such thing as an "ironic dollar"

If you feel the need laugh and then cry and then curl into a ball of fear and loathing, read the Storyboards from Michael Bay's The Great Gatsby.

Ok, breathe, it's a joke.

But this is why I won't see Transformers 2. (And why I need to take a firmer stance on what movies I'll pay to see or even see with someone else's dollar.) Because this boat (the boat in this instance being Michael Bay's creative process) is probably real. And there is too much crap and not enough good in popular film, or popular anything, to let this
stuff slide.

Let's be clear: no matter how many times you say you like something ironically or "because it's bad", your money is not
an ironic colour of green. Nobody deposits your intentions.

Your money simply says "this is an acceptable way to approach 'art' and we can continue to do so and profit." (You can expand that to any area of commerce really, but I don't want to get too too pedantic.)

So if you want to go to a movie because you will be entertained, fine and good. But don't qualify it - you are paying for a good and consuming it, end of story. As long as people consume a good it will most likely continue to be produced. THAT'S MONEY SCIENCE.

So, in conclusion,

Friday, June 26, 2009

re: bad taste coincidence or re: too soon?

Farah, Michael, Ed.


re: cat power

"You Are Free" remains the best one. Maybe because it sounds different and honest?
Also, it's just objectively better. I am the arbiter of objective btw.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

re: Michael Jackson

I am not sad (nor happy) that Michael Jackson is dead.
And while he was quite the character and deserved respect, not really taking a moment for Mr. McMahon.
OK, I took (a little) pause at the news of David Carradine, but let's be honest, that's because of my personal interest in him making more movies for me to watch.

It's not that it's not sad at all...it's just that I am not feeling any actual sadness.


Okay, so anyone dying is sad and blah blah but we don't care about people dying anywhere else in the world (not enough here even) so why do people care about these guys enough to statweet about them?

Also, I am fully aware of my hypocrisy - I am commenting on it right now and I don't sponsor any African children and I don't give out soup so yes, I'm a jerk.

But can we just get a handle on ourselves please?

I don't call myself a blogger so I don't have to comment to keep up with my peers, but the Internet, man - gotta keep up with the webJoneses.

re: if ya don't know

well, now, in fact, you, ummm, do...know it. Is what I'm sayin'.

Watch this.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

re: self awareness test or why do you watch the UFC?

If you speak to me irl (that's in real life for people who speak properly), you know that I have certain...feelings...dismissive ones...vaguely disgusted ones...about the UFC. Don't get me wrong, these are athletic, tough, determined fighters who have trained and fought their way to success in their field. But blood sports are just not my thing and I don't get them - cannot our gladitorial instinct be purged with just normal sports? (If not there is no reason for those either really.)

But besides not being a sports girl in general, and besides not being a blood sports girl especially, I don't watch the UFC because it makes me feel all tingly in a way I don't understand. Haha, just kidding that's the only reason TO watch it. And that is the self awareness test, cuz if you don't at least get the irony of this sport then...well I don't know. The majority (not all but most) of those who watch this sport are some of the most heteronormative (at least) and homophobic (at medium) people who you'll observe*: Coincidence?

* I'd say meet but I'll admit that I'm rarely if never inclined to talk to these sorts and so my research is mostly watching them be total assholes.

But to lighten things up a bit:

If you have any more thoughts or comic gems in regards to this feel free to let us all know in the comments.

Monday, May 18, 2009

re: some poems I wrote

A very long time ago (i.e. several weeks) I wrote these poems and they were put in a journal and I read them and they are ok I guess.

Here are two, and I hope to combine them with some other stanzas into something longer but also I just might talk about doing it.


did you see how fast he ran?

how hard she's standing still?

can you hear them quietly screaming?

bleeding all over their invisible blankets?

oh they carry them always.

don't forget, forget.

everyone's falling at that corner

it's what keeps the rent down


the cobblestones are a goldmine

tobacco field

respite from glistening others

and from hands reaching

the cobblestones are wet with winter

they are dry and brittle beneath

they aren't being tended

they are breaking slowly

Friday, April 24, 2009

re: new ipod=old music rediscovered

If something is real, it lasts - if not in body, then in relevance and mark.
Good lyrics are personal, political, singular and universal.
So these are good.

Here please forgive me
Could we escape all the bitterness piled upon bitterness
Held in the face of the things that I don't understand
Intellectualize over and over
This helplessness suits us
Funny how quiet has slipped to our corners
Worn all our edges away
You are watching breathing and baiting
Wanting and warming and cautiously waiting
For some simple signal to creep cross your conscience....
- St. Lawrence River, Little Songs David Usher

Monday, April 20, 2009

re: laugh 'til we cry: Jason Segal and Paul Rudd and Gideon and 420

This may be the funniest thing I've ever internetted:

reblogged from videogum:

Paul Rudd is on my list.

re: Coincidence?

Another installment of everyone's favourite game where we ask: Coincidence?

Me getting sick.

Three days off after finally completing a six day work week.

Several important events to attend this week.


re: cancers and capricorns or a letter to Henry Miller

Dear Henry,

I made a list of things you like

being racist (Tropic of Cancer)
collar buttons
being very racist (Tropic of Capricorn)
comparing oneself to Jesus
inanimate objects
olfactory descriptions
rye bread (sour)

and a list of things you are mesmerized by

all of the above and

Henry, are you a megalomaniac or have you made yourself a totem?


Thursday, April 9, 2009

re: commenting and following

There are at least 3 of you who follow me.

Not counting my grandparents (who I pretend don't read it or would not be able to talk to them without blushing).

So leave a comment or follow me so when I send potential employers to this site they see that this isn't just masturbation. Well, you know, or that people are watching it - which makes it porn, but people get famous from that who are way less talented than me so whatever.

(Hi Nana).


PS. You're right. My grandparents are totally counted in that three. As two separate people.

re: no one should watch the Watchmen

I finally saw Watchmen. So yes this is outdated and irrelevant.

But I was told to share this.
Here is an actual (approx) phone conversation I just had with Ms.Z

Me: So we saw Watchmen instead. It was awful. Just terrible.

Z: I liked it.

Me: No. No, you didn't.

Z: I mean I liked see the graphic novel come to life, the special effects, I liked that part of it.

Me: Well that's not liking it, that's liking the effects. I mean, I liked that too. But that doesn't make it a good movie. Like, as a whole object.

[Sputtering]The soundtrack alone was the most hamfisted, poorly conceived thing I've ever experienced. If the movie was good, I mean, it wasn't but even if it was, the soundtrack alone would have ruined it. Zack Snyder needs to do more than suck the creativity out of middling pieces of art and vomit it onto the screen. That would be good for him to stop.

Z: You should be paid to rant.

[Zofia's actual thought: You should be paid to rant about things that are completely irrelevant and help nobody by existing or being ranted about. which I would do. gladly. call me.]


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

re: Coincidence?

A new thing I'm trying - Coincidence?

I don't promise inspiration but I do promise coincidence presented without comment. It may be interesting, useful, fated or perhaps just a, well, you know.
Today I present:

The movie The Warriors.

Duddy Kravitz of The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler runs a "gang" called The Warriors.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

re: mulitiply sarcasmic or today's angst brought to you by the letter S

Sarcasm is the refuge of small minds or so they say. There are so many quotes and quips denouncing sarcasm that to list them would take two internets.

But it gets damned more than it deserves. I'm not completely endorsing it - rather I'm defending the necessity of unpleasant things. Some people are sarcastic because they are terrible, others because they feel terrible, and sometimes it's the habit of terrible feelings past.

To wit: "Sarcasm: the last refuge of modest and chaste souled people when the privacy of their soul is coarsly and intrusivley invaded." Dostoevsky

Perhaps that feeling of invasion - or fear thereof - lasts longer than the invasion itself and so that sarcasm you developed carries over as your go-to defense mechanism. The sarcastic are, or were once, insecure people. But so is everyone really, at least a little.

Let's not get too melodramatic - the sarcastic are not all broken or fragile or pathetic. But they were, once, and the sarcasm is the scar of where they broke once or were afraid of breaking. But scar tissue is not inherently unhealthy - it can cause problems, even prevent growth, but it's also a sign of healing and re-growth.

And it has to be because I am at my least sarcastic when I feel most comfortable - except when I'm my most sarcastic when I feel most comfortable. So embrace the 'casm where it is the space allowing two objects to exist.

To wit: "Sarcasm and compassion are two of the qualities that make life on earth tolerable." Nick Hornby.

Friday, February 27, 2009

re: no babies OR how much of a revolution is the Pill really?

So this is a little bit fantastic.

And the point about "haven't yet figured out how to safely and easily kill sperm" is moot because the resources haven't been put into finding one. Same for a lot of things that rich white men aren't really invested in. (ouch)

Why Is There No Sperm-Killing Birth Control Pill?
[from Scienceblog via Jezebel.com]

Greg Laden at Science Blogs tests the theory that men only want to spread their seed, and questions why it is that there's no male birth control pill.

I mean, other than the potentially obvious reason that scientists haven't yet figured out how to safely and easily kill sperm while maintaining a man's potential to continue creating it. Laden says it's about control.

Read the rest of the commentary.

Read the original (always read the original guys).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

re: actual first paid web writing on the web

I can't believe! Of course I've been paid to write before! It wasn't a major corporation but a small one, a not for profit BIA from which I learned a lot.

These profiles, Burnaby Dental, On the Rocks Curling, DeliJohn Market, Urban Seafood, Custodio Photography, Making Memories with Scrapbooking are by yours truly.
They aren't permanent pages so I'll have to get a new strategy for this post soon, were finished ages ago and were posted slightly less ages ago as my pictures had to be re-taken.

Read them, it won't be boring (it probably will be though).

Also, I finished a lot of content for their project pages, and I helped develop that nifty catch phrase/brand "Life as it should be." What I'm saying is, I'm a freaking marketing dynamo.

Anywhere, I learned all about the golden corporate voice writing for this website.

re: Web writing on the web - the man pays really well guys

So I'm tempting the corporate gods by posting this but I'm so damn proud of myself.

I don't care that it's not high faluting, and I don't care that it's corporate, and I really don't care if writing for a utility is not your idea of creativity. It takes another type of creativity to do this, think about it like problem solving.

But I wrote something and a major corporation allowed themselves to be associated with it in public. So, pride.

Now I've done a lot for the internal site which is too cool for you guys to see.
But I can show you these sections that I researched and developed and was the main writer for
Careers Main Page
Field Ops, Engineering, Marketing and Relief descriptions
Living in BC

Of course, there was a process that cleans out much of my voice.
That's the corporate voice - master that and you're golden for hire.

And of course, I didn't choose that picture.


re: Rollercoasters OR the larger than life is life

Here is another Peak gem, this one about a cool lady, Alison Norlen, and her exhibition at the SFU Gallery.

Alison Norlen takes us to sensational places

By Maegan Thomas, Associate Staff Contributor

“Roller Coaster — it’s a great symbol for this exhibition. A roller coaster is not just a physical journey, it’s a psychological journey. Roller coasters can be exciting, fun, but also scary and a little dangerous.”

Alison Norlen presents a sampling of her work at the SFU Gallery, highlighting her ongoing affair with fantastic landscapes and her transition to the melancholy and monolithic. She spoke with me about her subjects and style.

Finish the article!
(I'll know if you don't)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

re: Idling, all the cool kids are doing it

Here is a review I wrote for The Peak (SFU's Student Newspaper). I originally had a lot of block quotes but you guys just need to read it. You guys. Read it.

Sit back and kick up
By Maegan Thomas

The Idler's Glossary by Joshua Glenn and Mark Kingwell, Illustrated by Seth

“Let us agree that life can be boring.” Yes, indeed let us. I’m now in the illustrious and much coveted 5th year of my degree and I also work a corporate job. I am busy, busy, busy and bored. Because of this boredom, I procrastinate, I slack off, I shirk. I am often lazy. But according to The Idler’s Glossary by Joshua Glenn and Mark Kingwell, I am not idle. And I should be.

The OED definition of “Idle” includes “actions, feelings, thoughts, words void of any real worth, usefulness, or significance.” The Idler’s Glossary is a pocket-sized glimpse into how the OED, and probably you, have it all wrong.

Read the rest...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

re: a new year (or close enough)

Hello again to all my friends,
I'm glad you came to play.

I'm back.
My goal is to do one a week min, guys.

You know what would be awesome? Well, I'll tell you then.

Send me a reccomendation for a book, album, movie to review.
Old, new, terrible, amazing, send me a reccomendation (better yet the objet d'art itself) and I'll review it (honestly and without bias). It'll be fun, I'll build some content and you can feel rest assured that you are not the only one appreciating, hating or apprecihating (TM.) le objet.

Also, to be started soon - irrelevant reviews. Reviews of the old (new is overrated you guys). I have a whole book and cd library of stuff I bought years ago but haven't perused in a while or at all.

So I'll be pulling out old faves and never haves and will add their importance to the blogosphere.

Are you excited? Well, you should be.

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